Town of Andrews
Andrews South Carolina 
When one thinks of Andrews, they often think of the Black River and all the amenities it offers the town's citizenry.
Information:  Call Direct --   843 264 8666
A small rural agrarian South Carolina town whose main focus is on family, friends, and church. Don't come to Andrews looking for the night-life of bars, movie theaters, and entertainment. In Andrews, a community oriented town, is where family comes first, everything comes after. Yes, there is fun and frolic, but somewhat different than larger cities. There are gatherings at the river, or at someone's home, outdoor sports for all ages, or events at church. It is enjoying a more stress-free environment with a "layed back atmosphere" where both children and adults enjoy the amenities of living in this unique section of South Carolina. 

There is Black River with great "swimming holes", boating, and fishing. Avid hunters especially enjoy the area with its abundance of wildlife. With the close proximity of coastal South Carolina and its beaches, Georgetown, Lake Moultrie, and historic Charleston, one can enjoy the amenities offered by larger cities; yet, still maintain a more community oriented lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city-life.

Town of Andrews
PO Box 378
101 N. Morgan Ave.
Andrews, SC 29510